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Our team “Forest Line”

creates country houses for people using the natural material

in its perfect construction form – wood.

We get the raw material in the Kirov Region, the Vologda region

and the Altai territory. At the end of the year, we have renewed all knives –

the profile is of the premium quality!

Basically, we provide a turnkey service, carry out all kind of work

including the interior fine finishing, utility systems and landscaping.

We supervise the whole process starting from the design planning

and manufacturing cycle until the post-warranty maintenance. 

Our manufacture

is located in Yoshkar-Ola and we shot a movie for you about how the glued laminated timber is fabricated. 

Our equipment

Name Brand Performance notes
Dryers INCOPLAN 800 m3 cumulative volume
Splicing line DIMTER ---  
Press MINDA ---  
Moulding machine REX ---  
Machining center HUNDEGGER K2 to 20 m3 per day
HUNDEGGER K2i to 20 m3 per day
HUNDEGGER BHM-2 to 40 m3 per day

Our offer:

Timber house package from glued laminated timber (“Veresk” project)

+ wooden constituent parts / You can propose your own project.


What you receive under the terms of the agreement “Timber house package” :

- Wall package 

36 248,85 EURO

- Rafter system

1 640,30 EURO

You can purchase additional items, download file.

- Floor joists

3 679,33 EURO

- Casing jamb 

390,98 EURO

What you will get is a load-bearing package

41 959,46 EURO

Price – download preliminary estimate /delivery costs and customs clearance are not included

Guiding prices for the delivery and customs clearance:

Yoshkar-Ola - Tallinn - 2 050 EUR
Yoshkar-Ola - Budapest - 2 200 EUR
Yoshkar-Ola - Munich - 2 250 EUR

If carried out by Russian agents the customs clearance will cost approximately 150 EUR.

Additional options (finishing materials): 

- Floorboard

- imitation timber for the interior partitions

- linings (boarding of ceilings etc.) 

Existing projects: turnkey houses, home finishing

Download  presentation 

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